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Nickelback's Dark Horse tour returns with Buckcherry and Three Days Grace along for the ride

9-22-10 Originally published on by Tracy Heck

Nickelback's Chad Kroeger on stage at Joe Louis Arena 9-18-10
Saturday night, Joe Louis Arena played host to one of the Summer's biggest tours with rockers Buckcherry, Three Days Grace and Nickelback all sharing the stage.
The show was action packed from start to finish and everyone in the packed crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves.
The show opened with partying hard rockers Buckcherry.
The band performed a number of their most popular songs including "Lit Up", "Next 2 You" and "Rescue Me".
The band also played some songs off of their latest album All Night Long including the title track and "It's A Party".
Heavily tattooed front man Josh Todd was a blur of colors as he leapt from one end of the stage to the other only stopping to dance a bit on each end to the crowd's delight.
Set highlights included a lighter filled rendition of their ballad "Sorry" and their closer "Crazy Bitch", which remains their most popular song.
Up next was alternative rock group Three Days Grace whose banging set read like a who's who guide to rock radio.
The longer you listen to them, the more you realize just how many amazingly good singles they have put out.
Saturday, the band ripped through most of these singles from openers "I Hate Everything About You" and "Break" to "Pain" and "Never Too Late".
Front man Adam Gontier spent a lot of time interacting with the audience as he spoke about Detroit being his second home (the band is from Canada) and his love for the Detroit Red Wings.
The only downside to the set was during a performance of the song "Riot" when a member of the audience decided to throw a beer at Gontier, prompting him to ask security to toss the person from the arena or he'd go after them himself.
Set highlights included "Animal I Have Become" with Gontier leaving the stage to tour the arena and a spotlit performance of "World So Cold".
The band went on to play a special show on Sunday in Flint at the Machine Shop.
Nickelback has been touring behind their Dark Horse album for a couple of years now and had made a stop in Michigan in Grand Rapids at Van Andel Arena back in May.
This time around not much had changed about the set or set list but for those who had seen the show before it didn't seem to matter.
Despite the criticism that the band often gets, they remain one of the best and most popular live acts around combining all the elements that go into making a perfect rock show including everything from moving stage pieces, plenty of pyro, sing along covers, humor and solid good music.
Once again, front man Chad Kroeger spent most of the evening drinking and joking with the crowd even telling a story about playing years ago in Detroit at local rock club Harpos.
Throughout the show, Kroeger spoke about how happy he was to be in Detroit on a Saturday night and how they'd planned it in their schedule that way so no one would have to go to work the next day and if you did you'd just be calling in anyways.
Nickelback pulled out covers of Garth Brook's "Friends In Low Places", Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" Metallica's "Sad But True" and Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive", brought drinks and t-shirts out for the crowd, presented a awesome drum solo and performed out in the center of the crowd.
Throughout their set they pulled out a number of their biggest hits including ballads "Savin' Me" and "Someday" and rockers "Burn It To The Ground" and "Rockstar".
They also shared provocative songs like "Something In Your Mouth" and "Figured You Out".
For those that enjoy getting your money's worth out of attending a show, this was the place to be over the weekend!
Buckcherry Set list:
1. Talk to Me
2. All Night Long
3. Rescue Me
4. Everything
5. Sorry
6. These Things
7. It's a Party
8. Crazy Bitch

Three Days Grace Set List:
1. I Hate Everything About You
3.The Good Life
4.World So Cold
5. Pain
6. Home
7. Last to Know
8. Never Too Late
9. Animal I Have Become
10. Riot
Nickelback Set List:
1. Burn It to the Ground
2. Flat On The Floor
3. Photograph
4. Savin' Me
5. Shakin' Hands
6. Something in Your Mouth
7. This Afternoon
8. Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks cover)
9. If Today Was Your Last Day
10. Don't Stop Believing (Journey cover)
11. Rockstar
12. Sad But True (Metallica cover)
13. Animals
14. Drum Solo
15. S.E.X.
16. How You Remind Me
17. Too Bad
18. Gotta Be Somebody
19. Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi cover)
20. Someday
21. Figured You Out