Monday, July 11, 2016

Finger Eleven, Taddy Porter and Tripp N' Dixie rock out at the Machine Shop

Finger Eleven at the Machine Shop 10-16-10

10-20-10 Originally published on by Tracy Heck

On Saturday night, Finger Eleven, Taddy Porter and Tripp N' Dixie made a stop at Flint's Machine Shop.

The show was opened by Clarkston's own Tripp N' Dixie who got the crowd warmed up with a set full of soulful rock music.

The band has been gaining recognition after recently opening for Taddy Porter and Saving Abel.

Their southern rock tinged music fit in well on that tour and Saturday they were the perfect opener getting the crowd on their feet and moving along.

Taddy Porter was up next.

The Oklahoma rock band has been enjoying the success of their self titled debut album and have been getting their name out there through a number of high profile tours including most recently touring with Slash.

Saturday, despite front man Andy Brewer's cold, the band sounded great with a set list full of their heaviest songs including "Shake Me", "Big Enough" and "Mean Bitch".

Set highlights included opener "Whatever Haunts You" and the slower "In The Morning".

The members of Taddy Porter ooze chemistry on stage and their powerful guitar work make them some of rock's greatest rising stars.

The band mixes the blues, heavy metal and southern rock into a amazing mix that blasts listeners away and often ends up overshadowing the headliners.

For that very reason, the band has become a regular at the Machine Shop and will be returning there with Evans Blue on Wednesday, November 3.

Canadian rock band Finger Eleven are out on tour in support of their latest album Life Turns Electric, which is full of some of the best material they've ever done.

The album is a wonderful mix of strong rock songs and heartfelt ballads and on Saturday the band presented a number of these songs to the Flint crowd for the first time.

Songs like their opener "Pieces Fit" and "Any Moment Now" fit in well with older songs like "One Thing" and "Above".

Vocalist Scott Anderson has a powerful diverse voice and guitarist Rick Jackett kept the crowd entertained with his crazy antics.

Closing songs "Living In A Dream" and "Paralyzer", which included a section featuring covers of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" and Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall", stood out but it was their memorable performance of "I'll Keep Your Memory Vague" and new song "Whatever Doesn't Kill Me" that were the evening's highlight moments.